Porsche GT3 RS pictures

First pictures of the new Porsche GT3 RS are just in, the car is going to be officially presented on the Paris Motor Show , where I will be looking forward to seeing it – if all things go as planned. The show will be held sept/oct and usually is a show where loads and loads of new cars will be presented. Along the side of the 997 GT3 RS on the Porsche stand, should be the all new 997 GT2 which should be quite a car if its anything near the 996 version.

 Im hoping for the trip to Paris to happen from 13-15/10 with a whole day on the show saturday 14/10 – nothing has been sheduled yet, but plans have been drafted and are beeing fine tuned at the moment.


Project Wooden Porch

Ive been working on building a wooden porch for some time now (see pictures below) it should have been done last year, but Sander put an end to that ;) But now its time and its been a very nice project to be working on, Im not much of a handyman but nonetheless it looks quite o.k. if Im to say so myself. Lower structure is finished and only the deck is missing to be attached. Ive been spending this sunday cleaning the deckwood “Siberian larch” and making sure the Microfungi is dead so that it will not later destroy the look of the porch.

Ive yet to use a sealer and then paint the wooddeck planks, only then can I begin to attach them to the lower structure, so im not done yet. Its a work in progress I guess, but I promise to post some more pictures when im finished.



Hej og velkommen til dette hjørne af Internettet, vi er Sander (1 år), Mille (4 år), Susanne og Erik, efternavnet giver vel sig selv, og vi er allesammen blog nybegyndere,

Vi vil vel af og til smide et billede eller en lille historie herop, eller det var da en tankerne omkring stedet – så selvom det primære formål med sitet ikke er den “offentlige” del, er du/i da mere end velkomne til at kigge forbi og smid da gerne en kommentar hvis du/i har lyst.

Kærlig hilsen

Familien Kirk-Behrendt.


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