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The times they are changing.

I am taking down my old Hi-fi system…

There I said it, its going down – Amplifier,  Cd-player, speakers, silver treaded cables – the lot. This process has been described as one of the terminal stages in a mans life, just before the very last drop of testosterone leaves his body and he becomes a she… oh and also just prior to purchasing and driving a Citroën Berlingo by the way.

This however does not scare me. I have something else up my sleeve, something better than this old fashioned living-room monster, and something that in my opinion takes me far away form the Berlingo driving path.

Its called the Libratone Live – and its an Airplay speaker.


Libratone Live

The thing is it looks nothing like a speaker, which apparently is very wife friendly. The design has been described by some as Scandinavian cool which I find quite fitting, and wait for it…. it even plays quite nice. The best thing though is the Airplay functionality, that’s the dealmaker. No more fiddling with discs, no more switch flicking or knob turning – no more hassle.

The Libratone Live just stands there looking, nice and relaxed, waiting patiently to play your favorite tunes via iPad, iPhone or iTunes and with Spotify it is nothing short of PERFECT.

Oh yeah sure, I could have just bought an Airport Express (saved a lot of money) and hooked that up to the old Hi-fi, but isn’t that just like trying to breathe life into a dinosaur.


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