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Skallerup Klit sand dune climbing.

Took the kids for some outdoor fun while at Skallerup Klit Feriecenter.

We did the Jungle path and spent some time on the playground before we headed to the beach.

The sand dunes were quite steep, and I promised them all Ice Cream if they could get one of them to the top – and so encouraging some teamwork :)

They bolted for the dunes headon, and with some fails they eventually prevailed :)

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/styrta.flv 320 200]


Hiking on Egholm

Saturday Mille (my daughter) and me packed our backpacks, and loaded our gear in the car and left for a nighttrip on Egholm, a small island droped in the fjord right between Nørresundby and Aalborg.


We picked up Lasse (a friend of mine) and his 2 daughters (well he is their stepdad) Ida and Freja. Lasse and I have been hiking toghther in Norway for some years, he is a great outdoor kind-of-guy, and really in to small details regardig equipment – we can talk outdoor equipment forever ;) 

Ferry time is 5 minutes and thats really all it takes to leave the city behind. Egholm is a fantastic place and it hurts me thinking about the motorway, that in a few years is gonna destroy it – so enjoy it while you can. We all had a fastastic time, the kids were tree climbing, fishing, “foot” bathing, hunting and loving every second of it.

The Kids (Mille, Ida and Freja)


The Camp


Mille in a tree


The Long Walk


Food was prepaired on a Trangia set and we had meetballs in curry with rice for dinner, made pancakes for dessert and around the small fire Mille handed out candy bags, we told stories and generally just chilled till the kids was tucked to bed in their tent. Saturday was spent on making breakfast and packing our stuff togetherand we were home again around noon, a great trip over and the next one already in the planning.


Weekend in Ry

We are leaving for Ry today, to spend a weekend visiting some good friends. We always have a good time when together, and the house will be rocking when the 6 kids, all aged from 1 to 5 years, are let loose. Saturday we are hiking to the top of Denmark (well almost) Himmelbjerget – taking the boat trip on the beautifull lake first (or so im told).

Ry is a 1½ hour drive from our place see route on the picture below.



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