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DHL stafet 2013

Igen i år løb jeg med i DHL stafetten her i Aalborg, og det var som altid, et rigtigt hyggeligt arrangement sammen med mine kollegaer.

Jeg fik en ekstra tur med for pengene, da et hold fra min arbejdsplads, pludselig stod med et afbud på løbsdagen. Det blev på den måde til første runde for et hold, og sidste runde for det andet.

Resultaterne for begge runder, tastes ind under “Events Completed” når de frigives fra AAM – på nuværende tidspunkt, har de vist lidt serverproblemer…


End of Nike+ and why.

I am quitting Nike+ after almost 5 years with the Nike+ website.

My last successful sync was Berlin Marathon… Oh no wait… Hang on… No it was not…

Because the iPod nano 6 gen. I carried around the streets of Berlin decided to quit recording mode only seconds after the start. Sadly that was not the first time the Nike+ stuff didn´t work, and trust me I have been around with Nike+

I have been using Nike+ with a host of devices, and here in very short form, are some negative and positive thoughts on all of them.

Ipods (1,4 and 6 gen.)

  • – Struggling with calibration and often unprecise.
  • – iTunes for syncing is annoying.
  • – Multiple runs has disappeared when syncing.
  • – Endless amount of Nike+ sensors lost, when not always wearing Nike+ running shoes
  • + Easy to carry.
  • + Music is close at hand.

SportBands (4 of them)

  • – Terrible build quality.
  • – Expensive to replace (every 6 months).
  • – struggling with calibration and often unprecise.
  • – USB positioned downward, so it can’t be inserted in laptop USB port.
  • – Endless amount of Nike+ sensors lost, when not always wearing Nike+ running shoes.
  • + No need for iTunes and easy syncing.
  • + Light and easy start/stop.

iPhone 4 (Nike+ app)

  • – Uncomfortable with the armbands.
  • – Does not work on the treadmill.
  • – Exposed to all sorts of bad weather = expensive to replace.
  • + Reliable when syncing.
  • + Very precise.

So the time has come to part ways with Nike+ and especially since Polar also has on the web for easy access. I really wanted to reach the black 5000 km. level with Nike+, but this is where it ends – 3632 km more or cirtanly LESS :-)


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