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New WordPress and User-registration plugin.

Yes, the new version 2.6 is now up and running, and thankfully yet again it was an un-eventfull upgrade. I havent really had the time to test the new stuff like Theme preview, Post revision or Gears but ill get to that soon enough.

The plugin I have installed is Sabre, it should (hopefully) stop the bots from creating new user accounts and me from having to delete these ever so often.


Flickr Moblog and unwanted visitors…

I’ve been dealing with more important stuff than this small site lately, but I just wanted to point to the small Moblog section in the sidebar. I’m planning to upload some random shots now and then, its real easy with and even free – well sort of.

Dealing with spam, scrapers, and crawlers is getting annoying, so yet another ban plugin has been installed, which hopefully should make it “easier” for me to filter them in the daily stats.

Ill be removing the “What’s in the” section from the sidebar soon, I simply can’t make it look right – CSS styling is definitely not something to put on my resume ;)


No more comment spam (I hope)

I found a nice little wordpress plugin that I hope will prevent the insane amounts of spam I have to remove from the comments (so far almost 13000 spam comment’s have been posted here) 

The Akismet spam filter sure helps a great deal, so that the obscure comment spam is not shown, but I’m really annoyed by it, so for the few of you that do comment there’s a small answer box that you have to fill before you can post a comment. In return I’ve removed the enter-a-valid-e-mail-address before posting so there’s really no excuses for not commenting.


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