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New WordPress and User-registration plugin.

Yes, the new version 2.6 is now up and running, and thankfully yet again it was an un-eventfull upgrade. I havent really had the time to test the new stuff like Theme preview, Post revision or Gears but ill get to that soon enough.

The plugin I have installed is Sabre, it should (hopefully) stop the bots from creating new user accounts and me from having to delete these ever so often.


Site is up again :)

A small mishap caused our little blog to go offline during the weekend – not the end of the world you might say but sure was a big deal to us.  

I have spent some time migrating the site to a new host and now finally we are back up again :)  and that on a  fully updated version 2.3.3 of wordpress, and with the new host we are hopefully a tad more secure for future mistakes.


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