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Skallerup Klit sand dune climbing.

Took the kids for some outdoor fun while at Skallerup Klit Feriecenter.

We did the Jungle path and spent some time on the playground before we headed to the beach.

The sand dunes were quite steep, and I promised them all Ice Cream if they could get one of them to the top – and so encouraging some teamwork :)

They bolted for the dunes headon, and with some fails they eventually prevailed :)

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/styrta.flv 320 200]


Lundby Børneløb

Joined the kids in the 1 K. children’s race in Lundby bakker, and all of us had a fantastic time. On the count down all off the kids joined in and on “GO”  they sped off  – not waiting or holding back for anyone :)

Competitive little fu… these y2k kids ;)


Crossing the line after what was like a full-on sprint, the reward was nothing short of GOLDEN.



Highly recommendable for kids <10 years, and their parents.

We will be there again next year.


Ski holiday – Lindvallen Sweden

Had a marvelous Ski holiday in Lindvallen Sweden a few weeks ago. Excellent place for families wanting to teach their kids how to ski, even if Sander was not quite ready he did get on his small skies and did his best and he seemed to have fun.

Mille did fantastic (comming from a very happy and poud father) and by the end of the week I recorded this –  I love the carefree way she picks her nose and has fun trying to balance on one ski :) excellent times and the most complete skiholiday ever.

Big thanks to Lone and Brian and their kids for making everything very easy and a perfect trip.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/mille.flv 320 240]


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