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Old School Television.

I recently found some old VHS tapes and gave some of them a quick run-through before throwing them and the VHS machine out.  I found endless episodes of Seinfeld, Friends and gazillions of MTV Europe music videos from shows like “120 Minutes” and “Alternative Nation” – also more personal stuff appeared, like the long thought lost Class of  1990 graduation tape…

I also found a national danish television news story about the danish rock band “Sort Sol” playing the old Aalborg GRAND venue, with a grungy version of me…  erm… sort of… erm… “dancing” – A fantastic gig ending backstage with loads free drinks (invitation courtesy of a open 1 floor window)

Another recording, this one for local television TV-Aalborg, was starring a slightly older and preppy me, seemingly flying and landing a Cessna airplane at Aalborg Airport – and even though the cameraman made wonderful use of ALL airsick bags, and the lesson was cut short, it was good fun :-)

Check it out below.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/flying.flv 480 300]


Need Space ?

Well I did/do – and don’t we all ? the flow of data just seems to continue on and on and on – pictures, video, music, TV recordings (dvr-ms? what were you thinking Microsoft) I don’t know how many times I have been deleting stuff so I could fit the next episode of “Wheeler Dealers” or some children’s show in on the struggling harddisks.

So far I have had the Vista MediaCenter equipped with 2×300 Gb harddisks, and It has been working good for some time, but the problem with this setup is the unavailability of the data when the system is “sleeping”

I have so far been using WOL to wake the sleeping computer, but now Mille is getting her PC installed in her room, and she wants her children’s series available and that without hassle.

FreeNAS to the rescue. FreeNAS is built on a freeBSD Linux distribution, its bootable  from Flash (even if it doesn’t work on my old hardware) and supports loads of neat things like Software RAID, encryption and several authentication services.  So even if I’m a Microsoft Sucker and never ever considered Linux to be something of any good (flame away penguins) I downloaded the image (its even free) and started to build my own NAS server.

I found some old hardware, and tried the very cool install option to flash that would save me one IDE channel, but after several different tries and with both USB sticks and SD Flash cards in USB readers I found that the motherboard was simply too old :( so I ended up installing on a small disk. I fitted 3 other disks and continued to build a RAID 5 array, and without further problems the NAS was complete. Only one “little” thing is annoying and that is the missing poweroptions for a RAID array, if disks are set to power down (which would be super cool) the array will fail and start to rebuild, and then completely vanish after a reboot (NOT super cool)

I transferred all pictures, videos and Mille’s TV recordings to the NAS and now I only need to edit a little bit on Mille’s Vista Computer so the recorded TV folder is now the NAS network share.

By now the RAID 5 array is on 76% so I guess storage and backup  is a work in progress ;)


The Office

If you haven’t seen the TV series “The Office” it’s about time you fired up your iTune’s,  tap’ ed to Amazon, or got up, left your cube/home and ran to your local DVD salesman and bought the first 2 seasons already out on DVD. It’s nothing short of fantastic and by far my favorite TV show of all time. For those of you that know what I’m on about, check out Dwight’s Blog its brilliant ;) a few other fansites worth mentioning are OfficetallyLifeInTheOffice and NothernAttack.

IT Guy: What’s your password, Michael? [both look at sticky note attached to monitor] Oh, it’s 1 2 3 4.
Michael Scott: Yes…


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