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I love my Porsche magazines and the “GT Porsche” and “911 and Porsche World” have been welcome monthly pickups in my mail for some years now, and lets hope some of all the great reports, runningtips and buyers guides at sometime in the near/far future, will bring some good value in my own Porsche ownership ;)

But sadly and without reason it seemed, my favourite GT Porsche writer Chris Harris suddenly left the magazine – what had happened ? Was his amazing Kermit-green project 911 brought to life from money off the GT Porsche office cookie jar ? had he suddenly lost all interest in the Stuttgart car maker ? was he planning a full time racingdriver career and taking Porsche back to F1 or LMP1 at Le Mans ?

I had to run it though the net to find out where he could have gone, and came upon a spanking new online car magazine – sadly not a online Porsche ONLY magazine but close enough, as stories of the new GT2, the face-lifted 997 and a special report on the new Porsche PDK gearbox have already been aired. The DR setup is written features of the stuff all petrol-heads really really like, garnished with videos which leaves the printed magazines standing in the dirt. What IS missing on the site though is a proper forum for all of us to use, but maybe that will follow later on.

What DR is not though is portable, at least not yet and it will (at least not now) make me wanna go out and cancel my subscriptions – when traveling, relaxing in my favourite chair, or in the hammock it is so much easier and lovely low-tech with a printed magazine – but in the end I don’t even think they are trying to compete, they are trying to do something else and NEW……ish.

Well thats where Chris Harris has gone, and I look forward to being part of the republic (join for free) and see what new can come from it, Best of luck to all of you at DR.


Test Driving

Yesterday was not a day like all other, and it certainly brought a big smile on my face. Yes you guessed it, this is a post about cars and more particularly about cars from Stuttgart, and a little bit about a US V8. It was just another day at the office when a call came form my friend Jørgen  “lets meet after work I have a little something for you” he said. This little something turned out to be test driving a  Porsche Cayenne and afterwards a Chevrolet Corvette 5,7 – not bad for a Wednesday afternoon.”

Recently I had a chance to drive the Volvo XC90 D5 and I was blown away by how good such a BIG car could be, but its not even in close to the Cayenne. Absolutely no roll in corners, a very nice performance from the 3.2 V6 engine (Can’t begin to imagine how the V8 or Turbo would feel like) and just mind blowing how such a big car is so easily controlled and handled on even very small winding roads. Fantastic ride and a very nice debut in a Porsche for me.

The Chevrolet was a totally different story, very fast and incredibly loud. Good ride for a car of its age, and it has a presence and sound that captures many (Jørgen included). Very strange/surreal dashboard, with all sorts of error messages flashing on the center consol. bottom line a Scary car if you ask me, and I didn’t really enjoy it much, I was simply too scared to do much with it, other than straight-line accelerating. On the return trip the braking system set out not making it any less exciting. Loud loud and loud sums it up pretty much, and that’s what this little video is all about.

A BIG thank you Jørgen for a fantastic surprise, and also thanks to Skinbjerg Auto in Nørresundby for providing the cars.


Mondial de l’Automobile 2006

What a great weekend in Paris and at the Motorshow. We left very early Thursday night and with perfect driving, arrived Friday evening. We took a quick walk around central Paris, and had some dinner before heading for our hotel.

The Expo was only a 15 minutes walk from our hotel, and even if we were there 30 minutes before the opening, there were people everywhere. The show in general was amazing, I have never been to anything like it really, and nothing in Denmark comes even close.

Highlights were getting access to the restricted Porsche area, the Porsche GT3 RS  and LMP2 prototype class racing  RS Spyder (hopefully to be seen at Le Mans next year). The Volvo area was very cool and modern, with DJ and the new C30, should have stayed there a little bit longer.  Audi R8 (looks fantastic in real life) and Le Mans winning R10 TDI. The design studio of the next Mondeo looked fresh/modern, and the Focus ST is very much my preferred hot hatch of the moment. Dare I say: I like what OPC (Opel Performance Center) is doing for  Opel/Vuxhall – the Vectra sure looks like the family car I would  be driving if the tax on Danish cars wasn’t totally ridiculous. 500.000,- DKK is a bit too much for a car like that.

On the not so positive side, the hysteria on the Lamborghini and Ferrari   stands – is it really necessary to push and shove. The BMW setup was kind of boring and the flying Skoda Roomster didn’t impress either (not that I was expecting to be impressed by anything SKODA). And oh the lack of anything close to coffee (except espresso) on the entire venue – what’s that all about….

The rest of the evening was again spent in downtown Paris, coffee in the park outside The Louvre, a quick stop outside the Notre Dame and dinner in the Latin quarters.

Driving home the next day was a breeze 13 hours after leaving Paris I was back home.


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