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VholdR helmet cam fun.

I did a test with the VholdR ContourHD helmet cam on a small jump in the backcountry of our neighbourhood some weeks ago and fiddled with the entire VholdR setup. The mounting, the recording, the transferring , the editing (with all sorts of software) and then posting to VholdRs video community.

The VholdR’s mounting system I used was the enclosed goggles-mount. Very easy to attach and it fit well and worked flawlessly with my SPY goggles and also when wearing helmet. I did though on my later trip to Sälen Sweden find that at high speeds, the camera has a tendency to wobble (Ill post a video of that later).

Recording could not be easier… Slider forward to start recording, and slider back to stop recording. Look around, and it will record what you look at :) only downside is the plastic cap protecting the battery and SD-card kept coming off when I was operating the recordingslider. 

Transferring the captures is also simple, attach the mini usb and a folder appears on your computer and then you just drag and drop. Same usb is used to recharge the battery.

Editing… oh my… that’s an all together different story… First of all I had problems enough with  just finding some intuitive software that would work with the H.264 format .mov files, then more problems with simple editing  tasks and in the end removal of sound.

Posting to the community is done from the VholdR Easyedit software or right on the VholdR community page, either way click upload and guess what ? well yeah it uploads…

And finally here is the embedded clip of  me doing a quick 180, no grab, no nothing.

The VholdR ContourHD is one of the coolest gadgets I have ever purchased. If  you ski, snowboard, basejump, paraglide, windsurf, race cars/bikes, skateboard or mountainbike, go get one :)


Winter sports.

Sadly not purchesed before the annual skitrip with the offpiste-gang, though still in good time for some winter fun :) So keep posted for some helmetcam videos from my Vholdr ContourHD 720 in a few weeks time. Also a full review of the (I think) awesome looking Rossignol Bandit SC86 that I look very much forward to testing in the near future. I hope they will bring as much fun as my old K2 Public Enemy skies that have been passed along to someone else via the classifieds on


Ski holiday – Lindvallen Sweden

Had a marvelous Ski holiday in Lindvallen Sweden a few weeks ago. Excellent place for families wanting to teach their kids how to ski, even if Sander was not quite ready he did get on his small skies and did his best and he seemed to have fun.

Mille did fantastic (comming from a very happy and poud father) and by the end of the week I recorded this –  I love the carefree way she picks her nose and has fun trying to balance on one ski :) excellent times and the most complete skiholiday ever.

Big thanks to Lone and Brian and their kids for making everything very easy and a perfect trip.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/mille.flv 320 240]


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