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To be honest I’m not usually all that happy about garden work, some might say work in general – comment away lads ;) but this past weekend was really nothing but garden work, but it was a lovely time, sunshine, sodas, ice cream, laughing kids, coffee breaks, socializing with neighbors and POWERTOOLS!!!!

Saturday afternoon Sander and I hitched a ride in a 15 ton bulldozer, great fun for a 2 year old – and a 35 ;)


Project porch DONE!!

This friday, I took the day off from work to get the wooden porch project over and done with. My farther came the whole day and a few hours on Saturday morning also – and noon saturday 01/07-2006 we were done :) check out the pictures below.

Im pretty pleased with the end result, and bear in mind that I work with computers, not craftsmanship, plus this is my first actual handyman job – so I really hope you all agree with me ;)


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