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End of Flickr and why (for me)

In the early days when I started this blog, there was really only one way of photo-sharing and auto-posting pictures here, and that was with Flickr. It has fit perfectly in my WordPress blog widget/application suite over the years, now however, there are photo-sharing tools and apps everywhere, and what was once cool and clever, is now outdated and pricy.

Yes I have reached my free 200 photo uploads, and so Flickr and I part our ways.

My Flickr widget in the sidebar, is now set to random, and no new pictures are uploaded there.


Spotify apps

Updated my Spotify client today and found the apps there are just topnotch :-) When they promoted this news a few months ago, I didn’t really grab or take the time to understand the concept, but having tried it for the first time today I am like….. Ahhhhhaa ohhh now I get it… It is super nice :-)


Picthfork direct playlisting as an example is simply perfect :-)

Also new (I think) for the “new” Spotify client is this little listing. My friends must have some of these wicked tunes running on loop, when they must be sleeping or away during working hours.

Spotify - spot atleast 2 errors or should i relpace my friends

Reminded me of this one:


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